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Top 10 Elephant Baby Shower Games 2020 & How To Play

Just last weekend, I threw the MOST perfect elephant theme baby shower for my BFF! Modesty aside, the whole event was a freakin’ success! We started off with our adorable elephant baby shower invitations of course, had a TON of great elephant baby shower food (and an outrageous elephant baby shower cake from one of my elephant baby shower centerpieces article I posted a while back), the cutest elephant baby shower decorations you could imagine, and most of all … the most FUN elephant baby shower games for the party! Let me share with you these games we played, which I’m sure you’d love to try out on your own baby shower. Ladies, it’s nothing but a BLAST! You can never go wrong with these games that will surely be a major hit with your guests.



1. Baby Bingo

Pink Elephant Baby Bingo Now this is a classic for any baby shower. It’s also pretty simple, actually. If you’ve played a regular Bingo in the past, then it should be a no-brainer playing this classic baby shower game. It’s something that everyone can participate in, plus there are no elaborate materials you need to get for it.

So basically, you just need baby Bingo cards, which you can buy from suppliers. Have enough cards for all your guests who will play the game, then have an extra card that you can use to cut out the items on it. These pieces will be placed in a box or a jar, and you only need to pick one piece at a time, shout it out, and the players check if that’s anywhere on their card. The goal is to fill a row whether it’s diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Fill a row, yell BINGO, and you win the game!





2. What’s In Your Purse?

Blue Elephant What's In Your Purse Game Really fun and easy game to play, and everyone will enjoy it a lot – I assure you! Watch your guest scramble inside their purse and check out the items mentioned in the card, just so they can earn points and actually win the game!

Hand out game cards to your guests, and give them a pen or pencil each. If they find in their purse an item/s written on the card, they should check it off the list and give a point or points for themselves. The one who gets the highest total points wins this game and gets the super exciting prize!






3. What’s In Your Phone?

Pink Elephant What's In your Purse Printable Game I bet you 100% of your guests have their phone with them during the party! And if they have it, then they can definitely be a part of this game. It’s easy to play, you only need a game card to get going, a pen, and of course, a phone!

Distribute your game cards to the guests, and make sure you hand them a pen. For each item on the card that applies to them, they simply need to check a box or boxes. There are equivalent points for each item checked, and they just need to add the points to determine the winner of the game. Too easy, right?!






4. Baby Nursery Rhyme

Blue Elephant Nursery Rhyme Game  Test your guests’ creativity with this exciting Baby Nursery Rhyme game on your baby shower! This is super practical to play because there’s no need for elaborate materials or tools. Just get the game cards, and you’re ready to roll!

Give each of your guests the nursery rhyme game card, including a pen or pencil. They will then have to finish these rhymes within the set amount of time (i.e. 5 minutes). For every correct answer given by the guests, points are awarded. Total the points and win the game. Then collect your prize after!






5. Baby Crossword

Pink Elephant Crossword  Hey mommies! Do you love crossword puzzles? If you do, then this game is for you! A test of your knowledge about babies is all you need to ace this game. Show other moms what you know as you fill out all the boxes on your game card.

So this classic game goes like this. Each will have her own puzzle game card, pretty much just like your regular crossword puzzle. Only different thing is it’s about baby stuff. Finish the puzzle within the allotted time and win. That’s all there is to it!






6. Well I’ve Never

Blue Elephant Well I've Never  What a fun way to break the ice and learn more about each other as you play this amazing game! I bet you even played this game in college, so it must bring back some memories, right?

On the game card, there are items with the title Well I’ve Never. Mark off the items you’ve done, and do your best to really recall things to make sure you have really done these things! The more points you get, the higher your chances of winning the game!






7. Find That Word!

Pink Elephant Find That Word  Have you ever played word search before? If you have, then this game doesn’t need any introduction at all. It’s pretty much self-explanatory!

Game cards include words that relate with babies. The idea is to find all the words, be the first to get them all crossed off, then win the game. This is a test of your eyesight, ladies, so get those glasses out and start searching for those words quick!







8. Baby Mad Lib

Blue Elephant Mad Lib  Do you love creating stories? I bet there’s a creative genius in you just waiting to be unleashed, and I want you to let it come out of you and start making those super cool stories. The Baby Mad Lib game makes that happen, and I can assure you that this game will be nothing but super duper exciting!

So the hostess comes up with a story, which is on the game card. She will then remove the words from this story, and ask guests to supply the word type removed (i.e proper noun, verb,adjective). She’ll substitute words in the blank spaces, reads the story that she’s revised, and that’s sure to give the guests a ton of laughter from having a silly story created in the end. It’s just super funny! The funnier the story, the better!






9. Price is Right

Pink Elephant Price Is Right Game  Us mommies are frequent shoppers, we basically got a bunch of items all nailed down in terms of price tags. So if you’re this kind of mom, you might as well bring home the prize because you’re sure to win this game!

There are different items written on the game card such as a package of diaper, a bottle of baby powder, etc. Your goal is to guess how much these items cost and write it down on the blanks. Then, get the total of the items, and the closer you are to the actual price, you get to win this game. No wonder you’re such a super shopper, girl!






10. How long Until Baby

Blue Elephant How Long Until Baby Game  If you’re a mom with a kid or two who are all grown up, or at least past the baby stage, then this game should be easy-peasy for you! It’s a test of your memory during those times you watched your little bubs grow!

The goal is to match the skill with the age when your baby can do it. The whole thing is in the car, and you only have to make sure you guess the right age for each skill. Super simple!







There you have it mommies!

I hope this gave you all some really exciting and special elephant baby shower ideas you won’t ever forget. These games make it even more fun, so don’t miss out the excitement by adding these games in to your program. You won’t regret it for sure!

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