75 Printable Baby Shower Games With Answers

Unfortunately we no longer offer our 75 Printable Baby Shower Games kit as we realized that it was simply too many games for one party!  So what we have done is selected the Top 10 baby shower games with modern, clean, beautiful designs that we know will have your party guests laughing and enjoying themselves.

In this article we will go over what those 10 baby shower games are, and how to play them. You can also purchase these fully printable baby shower games on our site. And the best part is, all these games are elephant theme based, meaning double the fun. This way you can make your baby shower a special affair and really, all you have to do, is open the PDF and print out as many copies as you want.

All our printable baby shower games with answers were designed by expert designers featuring baby elephants with beautiful graphics, and colors that POP.

All right, lets get to what these adorable top 10 baby shower games are, and how to play them with your guests at your baby shower.

Game 1-Baby Bingo

Printable Baby Shower Bingo Game in BlueThis is the baby special bingo, which features all the same rules as the regular one, only this one is far much adorable and fun!

Once you take the printouts of this baby shower game from our elephant set, hand them out to the baby shower guests and have them fill in the name of those things they believe the mom-to-be will receive as gifts. Next, gather all your friends around and have them play the regular style bingo as the mommy of the evening opens her gifts one by one. The center is free and any line that gets all the ticks, win. The lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

The best part about this printable game is that really simple to play, doesn’t demand much and everyone gets to sees the gifts. Since you will be getting printouts, be sure to get gender specified printouts, in case everyone already knows if its a boy or girl. This way the game turns even more fun to play.

Game 2- What’s in your purse

Pink Elephant What's In your Purse Printable Game

Not to discriminate, but this game will be more fun in case the yet-to-be-born baby is a girl- the pink colored print outs just go so well with it. The game will probably take sometime, as you will be listing down a number of things, but its pretty simple and sweet.

Once you have the printouts with you, make a list of all the things that you think can be found inside the purse of all the guests. If you want to make it mommy-centered, you can shake up the rules a bit and make a list of the things that can be found inside only her purse. Then, handout those printable cards, and have all the guests tick off the items that they have in their pursues.

The one with the most items ticked off or with the most points or the one who guesses the most right answers, wins. You can also surprise the winner with a small gift too.

Game  3- What’s in your phone

Blue Elephant Whats In Your Phone Printable GameA sister to what’s in your purse, this baby shower game makes you look into what other people are holding in their phones. Since everyone carries their smartphones with them, everyone will enjoy being a part of it.

The general rule regarding playing this game is to print the handouts, simply make a list of things that can be predicted in other people’s phone in the baby shower, and then the one with the most ticks or points wins. But you can add in a twist of your own.

To personalize the game, you can ask the guests to pick a gender specific card, either blue or pink. The person that wins will get to pick the same gender preferred nickname for the yet-to-be-born baby. It doesn’t have to serious, but surely it will be a whole lot of fun and laughs.

Game 4- Baby Nursery Rhymes

Printable Pink Elephant Nursery Rhyme GameEveryone knows nursery rhymes but can this knowledge help you with anything in your life (other than entertaining kids, ofcourse). Apparently in this baby shower game, you will compete against one another and win only if you are a pro at all the rhymes.

The printable file will have unfinished rhymes and all you have to do is pass around these handouts and have everyone complete them. The one who does this in the shortest time, wins!

To make it more fun and memorable, you can hand out both the blue and pink elephant themed handouts. Based on whatever color wins, be it pink or blue, you can put forth this condition that the baby will wear that same colored outfit, irrespective of their gender, on their birth date. Nothing like starting a tradition of your own.

Game 5- Baby crossword

Blue Elephant Crossword Game PrintableProbably the most fun, simple and intriguing baby shower game with answer key that can be served for the day! For those who have knack for the morning newspaper crosswords, this one is going to be simplest and probably the most fun crossword they can ever get their hands on.

Our handouts bear the crossword and features a list of hints pointing towards various baby items. You can play around in groups or individually, but whatever the case is, everyone will have a great time. To takes things up a notch, fix a set time and the one who finishes and wins gets the mommy-to-be to do a favor for her.

Game 6- Well I have never

Pink Elephant Printable Well I've Never! Baby GameA baby shower version of the famous “Never have I Ever” game. While both games work about almost the same rules, this one involves paper, pencil and a whole lot of laughs!.

List down the situations that you feel the guests have/or haven’t done in their lives. You can make it about children, parenting or about anything else relevant to the baby theme. Next, you hand out printouts and have the guests tick the items they have done. The more the ticks, the better chances of winning.

Add in a twist of yours and have the mommy-to-be read out statements, while the rest of the guests read out their answers. This game is probably the most fun way to talk about incidents and even share advice with one another. A true yet fun learning experience for all.

Game 7- Find that word

Blue Elephant Find That Word Game ImageAnother adaption to the crosswords game- find that word. This baby shower word game is simple, easy and really can be passed along as a ice breaker.

The rules are simple- find all the words listed in the handout. Give your guests some pencils and our really cutesy elephant featuring baby word puzzle and the one that finds them all first, wins. Those guests that got toddlers or little children, they can take these adorable blue, pink handouts home and have them re-do them. Trust us, this will be an exciting yet a good educational activity for them too.

Just remember to give everyone the same handout, as the words differ in case of blue and pink handouts.

Game 8- Baby Mad Lib

Pink Elephant Baby Mad Lib Game PrintableA true fun-starter!  This baby shower game is all about creativity and having fun.

This involves a little bit of work on the hostess part but at the end of the whole game, everyone will be trying to catch their breaths- it is just that hilarious!

The hostess comes up with a supposed story about the expecting parents and removes several words out of the story. She will ask the guests to fill in the word while giving in hints like make it an adjective, noun etc. Next, the guests will fill out the story based on their creativity and after all that, once the stories are revised and read out loud, you can expect big laughs.

You can come up with any kind of story and any kind of answers. In fact, this baby shower game is the perfect way of revealing the gender too (in case the parents are waiting for a gender reveal). Only this time, give out blue elephant themed printout to the father and pink one to the mother, and have them fill out the story. At the end, the hostess reads out only that card which represents the yet-to-be-born baby’s gender.

Game 9- Price is Right

Blue Elephant Price Is Right GameYou guessed it right! It is all about knowing the real price of things.

List down a number of items and have the guests fill out and guess the price of all those items, individually. The one with the most correct answers or near to correct prices, wins.

While mommies are sure to get the answers right, this game can be a whole lot fun if the baby shower has daddies around. You can turn this into a mommy vs daddy battle! Hand both teams their gender-specific colored handout and have them guess the right prices. The team that solves the list first, and has the most right prices wins!

Game 10- How long until baby

Printable Pink Elephant How Long Until BabyA baby shower game for mommies of two or more kids. This history based game is something that a new mommy-to-be can learn so much from and will take you down the memory lane.

The idea is to list down the baby’s age, as they start to do different things while growing up into toddlers. For instance, how long until the baby starts crawling. How long until the baby start teething etc.

Have the guests fill out the answers to the questions and at the end of the game, the one who gives the most correct answers wins. This game involves a whole lot of sharing and fun. As a hostess, you can make the questions more quirky and entertaining like How long until the baby let’s me sleep for good. All parents are sure to laugh on such silliness.

Why Printable Baby Shower Games?

Baby showers are all about celebrating pregnancy and giving the yet-to-be-mommy a break from all the changes she is undergoing. This little or extravagant surprise can really make her day, in all honestly. Plus, you get to meet different people and such games are a great way of not just initiating conversation but bonding with them.

These baby shower games are designed to serve as the perfect ice-breaker and these 10 printable games are here get the people talking and laughing throughout the eve. The key to a good baby shower is making sure everyone has a great time.

If you are hosting a baby shower, then be sure to have your planning game on. Along with food, decor and the invitations, it is best if you follow a theme for the shower too. In case you don’t have that much time, or are asked to take charge, then fret not! Hop onto our website and take inspiration from our elephant themed printables. This way you can have a theme for your baby shower and of course, activities planned out, all in one.

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