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10 Cute Pink Elephant Baby Shower Ideas Girl


If there’s one thing I absolutely love the most, it’s setting up a pink elephant themed baby shower for a girl! In fact, just recently, my girlfriends and I spoiled our dear mama-to-be friend by throwing her a super cute pink elephant baby shower. Needless to say, the party was a huge success!

Seriously, you can never go wrong with a pink elephant baby shower theme. It just never gets old! From the adorable pink elephant baby shower invitations, the absolutely adorable pink elephant baby shower decorations, to the fun baby elephant centerpieces, and delish elephant themed food, and our always fun pink elephant baby shower games … Everything just made celebrating the little peanut even more exciting.

So let me share with you how to put together the cutest pink elephant baby shower that will leave lasting memories – and plenty of Instagram-worthy photos at the same time! These 10 Cute Pink Elephant Baby Shower Ideas Girl will leave your guests talking about your shower for weeks to come!


1. The Invitation


Your invitation should say it all. Impress your guests with the best pink elephant baby shower invitations for a girl, that showcase the theme of the party. In this case, throw in a bunch of cute elephants and pink flowers here and there. Think pink and super girly! But most importantly, be sure to include important details such as the when’s, where’s, and what’s of the event.

Elephant Baby Shower Invitations Girl  I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure your invitation matches with your decor, though. When you decide on the invitation card design, you should think of your indoor and outdoor decor, too. This gives the event a professional feel to it and not merely a hodge-podge of ideas.

Now, ladies, keep in mind that when you send out invitations to your guests, you can never be too early for it. After all, you’re dealing with busy mamas who have a gazillion of things to do. You want to make sure they know way ahead of time when the party will be, so they can arrange things with their hubbies and babysitters if necessary. At least 3 weeks before the party is just about the perfect time to mail or hand invitations to your girlfriends.


2. Decor for the outdoor


Pink Elephant Baby Shower Decor Ideas  To me, the perfect party doesn’t simply have the coolest decor indoors. I want to make sure that even the outdoors pretty much has the words “fun” and “excitement” written all over it. Plus, it gives guests an idea of where the event is at. Not everyone has been to the host’s house, so a nice sign should come in handy for showing everybody the way to the party scene.

Since we’re talking pink elephant baby shower decorations here, tying some pink balloons outside or lanterns outside should be perfect. We used one of those pink ball-looking lanterns and hung them on the tree branches. As for the pink balloons, they beautifully decorated the porch. Nothing says party louder than balloons and lanterns, don’t you think so? 🙂

3. Centerpiece Ideas


This is, in my opinion, the center of attention at every party. It shares the space with the treats, so everyone’s going to want to snap photos of the centerpiece. With that being said, you want to make sure your elephant baby shower centerpieces, are flawless and match the party theme.

For a super adorable centerpiece, try a pink elephant diaper cake!

Pink Elephant Diaper Cakes

Pink Elephant Diaper Cake  This one’s super easy to make! All you need are diapers, a wide pink sash to gather up the rolled diapers in one bunch, and a mini plush pink elephant for the topper. Depending on the space you’ve got on the table, you can make 5 of these and just place them in random locations. But I really like making several of these cuties and stacking them up to create a 3-tier diaper cake for an eye-catching centerpiece. Also, check out my article on edible pink elephant baby shower cake here!

Peanuts in a Jar

Pink Elephant Peanuts In A Jar  I used this as a centerpiece for my friend’s baby shower, and it was a big hit! So, I got a clear cookie jar, filled it up with peanuts (I used the ones with the shell), and topped the lid with a pink elephant made of cardboard. Since our theme was a pink elephant ballerina, I picked up a roll of white and pink tulle at the fabric shop and made large fluffy flowers out of them. The tulle flowers surrounded the elephant, like it was wearing a tutu. You gotta try these, ladies. It’s so super cute!

You can use these as inspiration and just maybe personalize it by scribbling the mama-to-be’s name or something. Also, you can make your centerpiece as big or as small as how you want it, depending on the space you’ve got.


4. Banners and Other Party Decor


Pink Ele Mom-Osa Bar Sign

What’s a baby shower without banners and cutesy party decor, right? You’re in luck because there are TONS of awesome ready-made elephant baby shower decorations that you can pick up in our shop, so you don’t have to spend hours making them. Just be sure to get them with the color combination you need, so everything matches perfectly.

Since we’re working around a pink elephant theme, it’s nice to add some tiny elephant cutouts to your streamers and banners. You can use your choice of material such as plastic, cardboard, cloth, and so on. Best to keep it in pink and whatever your secondary color may be.


5. Party Treats and Menu


Ah, now the most exciting part – planning for your party treats!

Pink Elephant Baby Shower Food  Before you go all out on your menu, let’s keep in mind that you’ll be munching on these most probably at mid-day. It’s why junior-sized treats are your best bet, still matching your theme. Some of my favorite elephant baby shower food ideas are the following:

  • elephant cake pops
  • pink frosted cupcakes
  • pink elephant cookies
  • pink elephant macarons
  • pink doughnuts with candy sprinkles

One more thing, ladies. You and your girlfriends might go for a nice pink punch for your party drinks, but be sure to serve a non-alcoholic beverage for the mama-to-be. I particularly like the good ol’ sparkling pink lemonade (basically, it’s lemonade prepared in fizzy water), which is super easy to make and tastes amazing!

Dish up the treats right before the most-awaited opening of presents. This will give guests something to munch on while they go “oooh” and “aaah” during the gift-opening part of the event.


6. Games and Activities


Any baby shower won’t be complete without the fun pink elephant baby shower games! Let me share with you some of the classic favorites that are sure to give everyone an amazing time:

Onesie Decorating Contest

Bring out the creative geniuses in your guests and challenge them to a onesie decorating contest! All you’ll need are about 5 plain white onesies, fabric paints, fabric stamps with stamping pads, buttons, needles, and thread.

Baby Bingo

Pink Elephant Baby Bingo  First off, you need a theme for your Baby Bingo. It could be anything from popular baby food, baby items, baby names, and so on. If you can buy ready-to-use Baby Bingo cards, it’s even better, so you don’t have to search online and print them up. Then, have the cut-up pieces of paper where the items on the card are listed. Put these into a diaper bag and draw out a piece one at a time – you know, just like how it’s like in a regular Bingo game. Place your game piece over each word called out once you find it on your card. First one to fill in a vertical, diagonal, or horizontal row shouts “Bingo” and wins.

Diaper Raffle

Let’s keep it real, ladies. Who doesn’t enjoy raffle prizes? It’s why I highly recommend this fun game that’s sure to get everyone excited to play. Slip a raffle ticket in your invitation and tell your guests to bring it with them to the party. They need to write their name on the ticket before they drop it into a jar. And just before the event comes to an end, start drawing for the raffle prize winners and watch these ladies eagerly anticipate their names to be called out!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to include this baby shower must-do! Prepare a stack of pink and white notecards (preferably in the shape of an elephant) and a large mason jar on the coffee table. Tell the guests to write a sweet message for the mama-to-be and drop their notes in the jar. It should be a heartwarming experience for the guest of honor to read the message before the party ends. Make her LOL or tear up with your note!


7. Party Favors


Elephant Shapped Chocolate Bar  Give your guests something nice to bring home as some kind of a “Thank You” token. It could be pink scented candles, a jar of elephant-shaped cookies, primped-up tin cans with candies, and so on.

I like party favors with a consumable item inside (i.e. cookies, nuts, mini cupcakes, biscuits, candies) because they’re quite practical and easy to prepare. But then, you might want to do some artsy stuff to the tin can or jar that you’ll use for these munchies. Use some pink sashes, bows, glitters, buttons, and what-nots to make the container look pretty.


8. Stay with the Theme


Always stay consistent with your elephant baby shower theme. Think pink elephants, white bows, (maybe pink elephants with white bows!), white polka dots, and all that. It could be like a circus pink elephant, a ballerina elephant, or maybe even a fairy princess elephant. The choice is totally up to you!


9. Everything should match


You’d want everything to be matchy-matchy, as much as possible. We’re talking super coordinated party elements – from the invitations, thank you cards, party favors, banners, and the centerpiece, even! It’s why I always go for a complete set of baby shower party essentials that I can find from a reliable source. Because really, you have a shade of pink or maybe an image of the elephant in mind, so you want these to match, as well. Would be such a shame if you have light pink banners and a dark pink centerpiece, right? Not very pretty.


10. Do it the easy way


Pink Elephant Baby Shower For Girl Package  I guess the word “easy” and “party planning” don’t always go together, right? Sure, it’s really fun to plan and prepare for a baby shower, but you gotta do the work. And believe me, ladies, it’s a LOT of work. It’s why I don’t recommend choosing separate items from different suppliers. I mean, it never helps to get an invitation card from one source and a party favor or decor from another. Really, this spells out disaster for your baby shower. Plus, it doesn’t work for OC folks out there.

Get yourself complete DIY sets from one source to make sure every party item is professionally-designed and matched with your pink elephant baby shower. I highly recommend a supplier that offers premium quality items that are a true value for your dollar. Seriously, all you have to do is cook up some creative ideas and then just leave it up to your source for the best, fool-proof party decor you have in mind.


With the little bub on everyone’s mind, excitement is truly in the air! Gather up your girlfriends and come up with the ultimate event of the year with these pink elephant baby shower ideas girl. You’re sure to leave the mom-to-be totally speechless as you spoil her rotten and make her feel like a queen in this super special day!

We Hop You Enjoyed Our 10 Pink Elephant Baby Shower Ideas Girl Post!


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