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10 Cute Elephant Baby Shower Decorations Ideas


These fun elephant baby shower ideas are for mommas-to-be, or the designated heroine who the said momma-to-be has entrusted the fate of her baby shower too. You are probably wondering what types of elephant baby shower decorations to use, and looking for some inspiration to make your shower as cute as can be!

Well, we have decided to put together this fun article on some of our favorite (and cute!) ideas for elephant baby shower decorations!

#1: Signs!


Blue Elephant Welcome Banner Decoration Having a few adorable elephant themed decorative signs is a quick, easy, and affordable way to get some decorations up that are centered around your elephant baby shower theme. They also don’t require a ton of work. Plus, you can get them in colors to match your shower’s overall theme.

If you get your signs in printable format, you can either print them out yourself (super cost effective), or you can get them printed at a print shop like your local UPS store. We actually love doing this because it’s one less thing we have to manage, and they have multiple printing options that a home printer doesn’t usually have. For instance, when we get ours printed at our local UPS store, we get them printed on high-quality 28LBS paper, and sometimes we will get them with a glossy finish as well.

You can use these decorative elephant baby shower signs in SO many ways too! Try putting a “Welcome!” sign on the door, a “Guest Book” sign on a cute end table by the front door for guests to sign as they come in or leave, a “Drinks!” or “Food!” sign on your designated drinks and food table, and a “Presents For The Peanut!” sign on your gifts table!

Another super cute idea one of our customers did, after getting her signs printed out, was have them framed in adorable blue colored wood at her local frame shop.

When it comes to elephant baby shower decorations, these printable signs are definitely our go-to, every time. In our shop, we actually have two packages of these printable signs that are ready to go, in either a blue elephant theme, or a pink elephant theme. Just download, print, that’s it! You can check out our signs here: Blue Theme and Pink Theme.

#2: Balloooooons!


Blue Elephant Baby Shower Ballon Theme Ok, so we feel it’s 100% “A-OK” to let your inner kid come out and play when it comes to throwing a fun elephant themed baby shower. What better (and cost effective) way, than with some balloons! You can get pink, blue, or silver balloons super cheap almost anywhere (warning: avoid Target ladies … the whole point is to stay cost effective here … and we all know what happens to us in the “I only came in here for one thing, and now I’ll have to sell my man’s kidney to pay the bills” abyss that is Target lol).

You can put balloons pretty much anywhere you are throwing your shower, and you can even decorate them with baby elephant decals!

#3: Elephant Baby Shower Centerpieces


Pink Elephant Diaper Cake There is literally no limit to what you can use for elephant baby shower centerpieces, and believe us, we are talking from experience here! This is also one area where you would definitely want to spend a little more of your peanuts. The centerpiece will be the focal point of your whole shower, so definitely put some major thought into this one. A few of our favorite ideas have been:

The Classic Diaper cake …  with an elephant twist:

You can never go wrong with a diaper cake, and it’s always a beautiful center piece. Add a cute elephant decal to the top, or stick baby elephant decals on each diaper, cover with a beautiful transparent lace or netting, and you have a simple and easy centerpiece! You can also use this to play a little game, by having guests draw elephants on the diapers, and add them to the cake!

Flowers … With a Special Guest:

For a more simple centerpiece, you can get some beautiful flower arrangements from your favorite flower store or grocery store, print out some elephant decals, glue them onto flat popsicle sticks, and then insert them into the tops of the arrangements. Cute, fun, smells pretty … we say … easy win!

Grazing Elephants:

Another cute idea, used by yours truly, is to use wheatgrass! Yes, you know that completely disgusting thing we’re all supposed to drink and not pretend that our taste-buds are dying a slow, painful death? Yeah … that’s the one!

Get some squares of wheat grass, cut out some cute elephant decals, stick them in the grass … and just like that, you have some grazing elephants to join your party! This is a super cute way to have some elephant themed baby shower decorations that are really unique, fun, and add a vibrant color element to any theme!

#4: Photo-Booth for The Gram!


If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? In like kind, if one throws an adorable elephant baby shower and does not post it on Instagram …. did one even have said baby shower?

While we may not know the answer to the first question, we can definitely tell you, once you post your elephant baby shower photos on the sacred photo-sharing website, dubbed “The Gram” by it’s acolytes, you can definitely prepare for those likes to roll in!

Setup a cute “photo booth” for your shower by hanging a photo-booth cutout from the ceiling, or making a DIY photo booth and propping it up on a counter. Then use some printable photo-booth signs to hold up while taking pictures!

Using Instagram, you can then create a super cute digital scrap-book for the mamma-to-be that she will love, and be able to look back on forever. Extra points earned for all the likes you’ll get her post, and for making Becky, you know that one “perfect” mom she hates (bless Becky’s heart), suuuper jealous!

#5: Peanut jars


Pink Elephant Peanuts In A Jar ImageHere is another great, yet cost effective, idea for your elephant baby shower decorations that can serve multiple purposes!

Here is what we would suggest:

  1. Get a bunch of mason jars with lids
  2. Print out some color matching elephant decals
  3. Glue the decals onto the sides of the jars, and on the lid
  4. Fill the jars with roasted peanuts, and white chocolate chips. Alternatively, you can also fill a large bowl with ice water, add some pink or blue food coloring to it, pour the white chocolate chips into it, and put the bowl in the refrigerator overnight. Come the next morning, pour the chocolate chips into a strainer, and wallah! … you have some adorable colored chocolate chips that match your theme colors!)
  5. Use the jars as mini-centerpieces, and then give them to guests as they leave as adorable take-home party gifts!


#5: Elephant Stuffed Animals:


Ladies, what is cuter than stuffed animals?

Aside from the cute ones that we may or may not have saved from our childhoods, that we definitely have not told our husband about (no? just me? Well, alrighty then!), elephant stuffed animals are always cute additions to any elephant themed baby shower! You can stay simple with these too or go really big! One way we like to use this idea, is to get one large elephant stuffed animal, and two or three smaller ones, and put the smaller ones right in front of the big one. Get it … like a mamma elephant and her babies! (we see your eye roll, but it’s freaking adorable, and you’ll love it!)

#6: Banners


Blue Elephant Baby Shower Theme Banners are a fun way to extend the elephant theme upwards. Using elephant themed banners, you have a big, and yet simple, decoration idea. You can either buy your banners pre-made, or use the banner cut-outs we provide in our printable packs. If you go the printable route, simply print and cut-out the banner designs, then use blue or pink ribbon, yarn, or string and then hot-glue the banner onto it. Next, find some cute areas to hang your banner up, and just like that, you have a few of your larger elephant baby shower decorations done and ready for display!

#7: Mini-decals


Staying with our cute, yet affordable theme, you can use mini-elephant decals which you can put on pretty much anything! Use these mini-decals to put on drink glasses, chocolate bars, water bottles, and anything else your magic-glue gun will grant you the power of “the stick”!

#8: Candles


Pink Elephant Baby Shower Decor Ideas Candles are another really fun elephant baby shower decoration idea that I really love! You can buy blue or pink candles that match your theme. *Little Tip: go to your local dollar store first! They usually have really nice candles, that smell nice, and are super cheap!). Next, tie a theme-color matching ribbon around each candle, and put a cute elephant decal on the sides of the candles (either on the bow-tie part, or on the other side of the bow so there is something on each side).

These not only serve as beautiful elephany baby shower decorations, but can also be used as party favors!

#9: Food!


Elephant Baby Shower food Ideas Ok, so other than the fact that baby showers are usually man-free zones, and as such, a place where we can eat copious amounts of food and desserts with our sisters, unabashed. Food is another multi-purpose item for your shower! One, you get to feed your guests, but two, if you make your food elephant themed, your food actually serves as a decoration in itself! I actually wrote a whole article about elephant baby shower food ideas here.





#10: Elephant Baby Shower Cake!!!


Elephant Baby Shower Cake Idea Image

There are so many options for elephant baby shower cakes it is not even funny. Single tier or 3 tier … buttercream, or chocolate … cake or cupcakes?

Yassssssssss … guilt free carbs for the win! Eating cake at a baby shower is obligatory, so the carbs don’t count! For you health ladies out there who say “that’s not true” … either let me just have this one … or go eat the wheatgrass decorations while the rest of us stuff our faces (-_-)

This is one area where you will definitely want to consult the mamma-to-be. It’s her tummy, and the little peanut inside her (see what I did there … tehe), that will decide if you made a good choice on cake or not, so literally, her opinion on this is the only one that matters. Ask her what she wants, and then make it happen.

Blue Elephant Baby Shower Cake
Image Source: https://cakesbycathy.me/

Another cute idea, whether you are making the cake/cupcakes yourself or hiring out, is to use some food coloring in the batter to make the inside of the cake pink or blue to match your theme! Then, decorate it with cute elephant decals around the base, or glue a larger decal on a chopstick or meat skewer, and stick it on the top!



Allrighty ladies, that’s it for this Elephant Baby Shower Decorations Article! Now, go forth and throw a shower that will go down in Insta-History! Also, be sure to send us your photos, or tag us on Instagram (@elephantbabyshower) … if you do, we might feature your shower on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, and make your elephant baby shower the envy of Becky’s everywhere!


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