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Plan Your Elephant Themed Baby Shower - In 10 Simple Steps!

Elephant theme baby showers have become super popular in 2022! There are dozens of cute baby shower themes of course, there's no denying it. But c'mon, what could be more adorable and creative than an elephant baby shower?

Elephant Baby Shower Ideas  If you’re planning to throw a fun and memorable baby shower, then an elephant baby shower theme could be a great idea!

For starters, baby elephants are simply adorable with their long trunks and flappy ears. Everyone loves them, and they make the perfect theme for a boy, girl, or gender-neutral baby shower. This guide will help you with planning the best elephant themed baby shower ever! Included below are tons of ideas for elephant baby shower invitations, elephant baby shower decorations and elephant baby shower centerpieces, elephant baby shower food ideas (or see our elephant baby shower cake ideas), drinks, and proper etiquette.

We want to arm you with the best elephant baby shower ideas, so you can throw an amazing party that will impress your guests. You can use the ideas as-is, or you can change them to reflect your flare and style.

Elephant Baby Shower Ideas For Girl or Boy:

The secret to holding a great baby shower is to plan your ideas beforehand. Take note of all the “should’s’’ below, as you need to figure out what you should actually do as the baby-shower host first. Here are some questions to help you get started:

  • Who do you host with? Alone or with someone?
  • When should the baby shower be held?
  • Where should you hold it?
  • Who should be invited?
  • When should you send the invitations?
  • What should be on the menu?

Your Responsibilities as a Host/Hostess

Baby shower traditions dictate that a mother should NEVER host this event. A baby shower is usually hosted by a sister, friend, cousin, aunt or sister-in-law. The guest of honor is the mom and her baby-to-be. Begin your planning process by doing some or all of the following:

-Make a budget for the party. This will depend on whether you’re hosting it alone or co-hosting with someone else.

-Talk to the mom and see what her ideal date for the shower to take place would be. Then, evaluate whether the chosen date will work for all the important guests.

-Come up with a guest list after consulting with the new mom. Ensure you have the names and addresses, email address, and even social media accounts of all guests.

-Select the perfect venue. You can throw the baby shower anywhere- a hotel, a park, your home, or even the beach.

Let’s Begin!

Step #1: Elephant Baby Shower Theme

Blue Elephant Baby Shower Theme

The word “elephant’’ pretty much wraps up everything. Get all your elephant decoration ideas flowing. A cut out of an elephant could grace the venue. Tableware, decorations, signs, food & desserts, games, etc., should be elephant inspired.

A banner that says, ‘’Baby Shower’’ is a must-have. Or better yet, have a banner that says “Baby Elephant.’’ Get creative with as many theme-inspired balloons as possible. Baby elephants with pacifiers are a hit with the guests. Mom elephants with baby elephants at the front are also another hit.

And why not go all out by having someone dress up like an elephant to welcome the mom-to-be? Of course someone dear could do this, and that’s none other than the dad-to-be.

Step #2: Invitations, Games & Thank You Cards

Elephant Baby Shower Invitations Girl

Once you have ideas flowing for the theme, it’s time to think about the invitations, elephant baby shower games and thank you cards. One of the best parts about an elephant themed shower is the fact that it allows you to plan ahead and stick to your plan before, during and after the party.

You’ll have a matching and cohesive theme from the invitation and games to the thank you cards. This will create a consistent vibe where fun is inevitable. Plus, elephant baby shower invitations will make your guests more curious about what’s going to happen, making the whole thing even more interesting.

Of course, pulling off this kind of cohesion isn’t always easy. That’s because people often buy their invitations, games and thank you cards from different sites leading to a conflicting look when the day finally arrives. To avoid this, we have created complete sets for you right here on our site. Our collections are super cute and affordable.

What’s more? You can choose from multiple shapes, colors, designs and styles available. You’ll have complete control over how your invitation and thank you cards look. You’ll also have control over what elephant baby shower games to incorporate into the event and prepare a whole bunch of them for your guests.

Step #3: Decorations & Props

Source: bonsplans.us

Next up is to figure out the decorations to help set the perfect elephant theme. You can either buy or DIY decorations. Ideas include:

  • Cut out shapes of elephants
  • Elephant themed baby shower banner and
  • Plants around the room to give off that tropical vibe.

To finish off the decorations, you can add a large centerpiece to the buffet table and smaller ones to the other tables. This is the best way to add decor that fits with the overall elephant theme. Ideas include:

  • A diaper cake with an elephant topping,
  • A hurricane glass vase with plastic elephants resting in the sand
  • A flower vase with cutouts of cute baby elephants attached to the glass.

Where to buy decorations? You can always find decoration sets in online stores that specialize in elephant baby shower themes. You can choose to pick individual pieces according to your preferences, but this is usually a more expensive and time-consuming option. The best option is to buy complete sets that are already matched and designed professionally. You’ll save both time and money.

Step #4: Food & Desserts

Elephant Baby Shower Food Ideas

Pregnant women love food. Some love spicy, while others crave all the sugar in the world. So it’s important you fill the table with extremely finger-licking delicious foods. And unless you’re thinking of a proper sit-down meal; salads, finger foods, and appetizers should cut it.

Whatever you decide, make sure to incorporate everyone’s tastes and cravings. You can decide to make cookies that resemble elephant ears or gourmet cupcakes with tiny elephant toppings on them. You can even make sandwiches and mold them to look like elephant trunks

Just make sure to serve lots of different foods. This way, people with dietary restrictions or allergies still have a choice. Also, try to be creative when presenting your meals by serving them in adorable elephant baby shower cups, plates, and even napkins. You can read our article on cute elephant baby shower food ideas here.

Step #5: Drinks

Blue and Pink Margarita

It’s important that you have drinks on offer for your guests. Have a selection of fruit juices or lemonade that could go in fancy glasses. You can also get creative with some delicious tropical punch named to fit with the elephant theme, for example:

- Water bottles with stickers that say ’Sip from my trunk’’ on them

- Tropical punch- a creative mix of juice, lemonade, ginger ale, raspberry and a dash of cream

Of course, having a drink station set up is a good idea because it allows your guests help themselves to their favorite drinks.

Step #6: Cake

Blue Elephant Baby Shower Cake

We go berserk over cakes. You probably do too. And in an elephant baby shower, the cake itself, decorations and icing are all elephant inspired.

Welcome the new mom with a three to four-layered cake with an elephant figurine or a large single layer cake topped with a cartoon elephant holding a present or some balloons. You can also consider cupcakes! They are small, easy to eat, and can make a perfect centerpiece.

Not keen on a cake? The diaper cake is another great option. If you’ve never heard of it, then you may be surprised that it is non-edible. The cake is made of many rolls of diapers prearranged to look like a real cake. A plastic elephant may be placed on top of the cake. Most mothers prefer a diaper cake because they get to keep the diapers for later!

Step #7: Color Scheme

Blue Elephant Baby Shower Ballon Theme

It’s a baby shower, and colors tend to make the biggest statement! Baby boy color schemes usually have a nice combination of blue and green. Baby girl color schemes tend to lean towards pink and purple.

If you prefer to deviate from the mainstream, but still want colors to show the sex of the baby, you can do that on the cake. If a mom knows the gender of the baby but hasn’t disclosed it to anyone yet, a gender reveal cake is a great way to do this.

Step #8: Music

Pink Elephant Baby Shower Decor Ideas

Be sure to have some music in the background to help set the perfect baby shower atmosphere. If you need some nice elephant baby shower inspired music, here are some suggestions:

- The Elephant by Camille Saint-Sanes

- The Elephant Song by Eric Herman

- Mr. Fun Elephant by Pinkfong Songs for children

Step #9: Party Favors

Elephant Shapped Chocolate Bar

Don’t forget to send your guests away with cute favors or gift bags to help them remember the special occasion. Ideas include:

- A gift box with elephant-inspired cookies in it

- A little bag of sweets with a message that says, ’From our shower to yours”

- A small bottle of body spray with an elephant-themed sticker on it

Step #10: Thank You Notes


For your thank you notes, we have a lot of great baby shower thank you notes to carry on with the elephant theme. Be sure to order them ahead of time so you can send them out within 2 to 3 days of your party. Okay, so you’ve got everything set. As much as we don’t want to remind you, we think it’s our responsibility to tell you this - HAVE FUN.

When hosting a baby shower event, it’s easy to get stressed. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of this party is to celebrate. And a celebration means joy and laughter. Now go and make that elephant-themed baby shower happen.

Also, if you found this article helpful and would like to make the planning of your elephant themed baby shower SO much easier, please check out our done-for-you elephant baby shower packages here.


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